Discovery of a new species ...

We have recently discovered a new organism, who presence is distributed around the surface of the planet earth. and is constituted of large numbers of sub-organism ({{NPOP}} to be exact). These "cells" are cooperatively execute a varieties of tasks that benefit the overall organism. The cells are principally organized in two groups,

  1. the "motor" cells are the sub-organism who move around according to signals they perceived and a small set of evolutionary rules,

they are what we called the blind cells, and can only perceive a limited set individual inputs, and behave in a very predictive way (according to the book!)

  1. the "feeling" cells constitute the second group. these cells are interconnected and can capable of feeling live forces flowing though the them. they are the "decision making cells" in the sens the can elaborate instructions for the motor cells to execute. they have the consciousness of the grand organize.

Now these sub-organisms have an incredible capability to communicate, and they form a network as pictured below:



The intelligence of such organism surpasses any other life forms we've seen before. Indeed the capacity to symbiotically organize themselves is tremendously powerful and allow a faster than normal evolution of the species.

This organism is : the "Interplanetary Human Organism" (IPHO) it communicated near instantaneously to globally all is cells, it uses a special platform call "Interplanetary Human System" (IPHS) to coordinate actions, the system allow resource and funds exchanges among participants, and as a consequence an important numbers or projects are launched everywhere creating immense orchastrated global activities.

visit the IPH*S site for learning more about IPHO and it's platform IPH*S